The Island Festival is open to all 11m band operators!

(Rules 2018 might be updated before June 1st 2018)

  1. Dates: June 2 2018, 00:00 UTC – June 3 23:59 UTC (48 hours)
  2. Classifications:
    1. Top 10 Hunters (highest number of islands contacted – where we have received logs within rule limitations)
    2. Top 10 Teams (highest number of points without dupes)
    3. Top 5 Teams “One day Activators” (highest number of points without dupes)
    4. Top 5 Single Operators
  3. Frequency: 11m Band (Please obey local issued frequencies and rules).
  4. Scoring: The final score is calculated from the total amount of unique contacts (each call only counts once, regardless of number of contacts) plus bonus if applicable (see paragraph 5).
  5. Bonus scores: To promote the activation of new islands on 11 meters, a bonus of 30% will be added to the final score of teams who operate from a new island (ref: Islands Base Online, when the island is made public at Island Festival website). An additional bonus of 30% will be added to the final score of teams who operate from an island or an island group only accessible by boat or aircraft, where none of the operators are resident, and all radio equipment and antennas are brought by the team to the island.
  6. Multi Island Entry: The same team with the same team members can activate more than one island during the Island Festival. The scores are  accumulated together for a maximum of four islands. If more than four island are activated, the four logs with the most contacts will be used to calculate the final score. Activities can not overlap, one activity has to end before the next start.
  7. Callsigns: Use your preferred callsign with suffix indicating the local island reference number if available, or IOTA reference, or island abbreviation e.g. 26FB/DE-001, 19GM/EU-146, 311DX/PI. If you are not sure about the best callsign please   contact the Island Festival Team. (Consider understandable callsigns and see list of announced activations on this website. Only one transmitter at a time per callsign is permitted.
  8. Callsigns: If you are a activator and a hunter use your personal callsign for hunting not the activation callsign.
  9. QSL Management: All teams are responsible for QSL management of their own contacts, please follow your club guidelines. Teams are encouraged but not required to prepare a special QSL for each island, a team have the option to share QSL card and management with other teams. 
  10. Log: For Island Festival Activations it is compulsary to use this log excel file here: islfest-log-template-20171 2 , when submitting your log use exactly this format for callsign, date, time, mode and frequency.
    Only logs received in this format before the deadline time will be considered for the final score. If you have doubts about if your log is received by Island Festival or not, please request a confirmation via email. Only logs received before deadline will be used for calculation and will be ranked. Island Festival can not take responsibility for too late received logs, whatever the reason is.

    a. Teams: All participating Island Teams must send in their complete log (s) no later than 1. July 2018 23:59 GMT via email to:
    It is important when you write a call sign in the log you use this format: (example) 1AT001 and NOT 1AT1 or 1AT01)
    c. Hunters: No need to send your log. The Island Festival organizer will calculate your score from the island activations logs received before deadline.
   11. Proofs: All teams must collect sufficient and clear proof and provide when asked for by the Island Festival organization AND to your radio group (if applicable). Collect photos, video-clips,              ferry tickets, boarding passes, local receipts and any additional material that documents your presence at the island during the date of activity.  
         An absolute minimum proof includes the following;
    • A photo of the team in front of an official location sign or recognizable landmark.
    • Photos of the station and antenna.
    • Boarding pass, receipt or other* proof that document your presence at the island during the date of activity. *Example of other proof: a photo or a video of a GPS receiver showing the position of the island with the operator(s), station or antenna in the background. IMPORTANT: A team without proofs will be considered not valid for Island Festival Awards and rankings. Proof and logs must be uploaded to the island festival website to be considered valid for Island Festival awards and prices. – With many teams active on a narrow frequency spectre, please expect that “your” frequency might be used by other persons as well.