Q:  How much does the participation in the festival cost?
A: Nothing – you can join the festival absolutely for free.

Q: I won’t be able to spend a whole weekend on the radio. Can I still participate?

A: Yes of course. If you cannot participate as an Activator (single or with friends) over both days, you can participate in the contest and still have the possibility to win the category: “One day Activators” For Teams active only ONE DAY (Either Saturday OR Sunday). During sign up you must decide if you participate in the One-day Category or for all 48h contest.

Q: I am not sure which suffix to use?

A: If possible, please try to locate the island you plan to activate and look for the regional reference number. If you can’t find the reference number, send us an email and we will help.

Q: Can I activate an Inland Waterways Island?
A: Of course, yes. But, since it usually is difficult to find solid proofs for IWIs, please pay very much attention to provide sufficient material (e.g. video, GPS, …) to verify the location.

Q: Can I activate one island with two callsigns (for two groups)?
A: It will lower your score but if you wish to do so, you can use more than only one callsign from one island.

Q: Can I send you my QSL cards to Island Festival to get a confirmation for my island contacts?
A: We are sorry, but we cannot confirm your contacts with QSL cards. Please check the activation information page to find more information about QSL routes and QSL   availability.

Q: You write all activations without proofs will be considered non-valid. I tried hard but I couldn’t provide sufficient documents to proove my location. What shall I do?
A: Validity of participating activations is very important to us. Therefore we would like to ask you to provide any documents you can get. The festival organization will take care of the validation of the documents offered afterwards. But if someone doesn’t try at all to send documents, we must believe that there is something wrong.