The Island Festival is a world wide community driven event organized by an international team of experienced island enthusiasts. The goal of the Island Festival is to increase island activity on the 11 meter band.

The Island Festival is on the air annually at the first weekend of June.


The Island Festival was created under the umbrella of the WWRO, the World Wide Radio Organization in 2008. From 2011 the management of the Island Festival has been transferred to its own organization and the Island Festival is today totally independent of WWRO or any other organization.

Summaries of each years event is found on this website.


The intention of the island festival has never changed;  We want to activate 11 meter band with “non-sofa” island activities, we want to go out in the field,  to travel over bridges and waters to an island to give island hunters the opportunity to log that island.

Go alone, go with friends. Or join another planned activation and meet new  friends. Simply just activate an island – or stay at home and work the many  activated islands.

Every year we will find winners – reward them and publish their achievements in the famous “Final Results” document, setting new standards for this kind of events.

Organizing Team 2017

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  • Organizing the Island Festival is a big task and all work is contributed on a voluntary basis. If you would like to help out, please contact any of the organizing team members.