Hello All !

At the 3rd and 4th of June the Island Festival 2017 is going to take place, soon we will open the sign-up page.

We are all hoping for some propagation to have some fun during this anual event !

So…polish the antenna’s, heat up the amplifiers and lets all make it a big succes !




As you I was waiting for the island festival 2016 results. For some reason it looked like there were a lot of issues to get the scores done. So…I asked…what can I do to help ?

Thankfully I was allowed to help, how difficult can it be ? Easy job…fast done…every body happy !

In all honestly I was wrong, I never imagined the work that goes into writing complete new logs as some were just given as a “jpeg” picture. Or trying to find out which island actually was activated….just to get in contact with someone was difficult. ( I can not express how happy I am with the teams who did things correct ! Thank you !)  But, I had another situation to deal with: to make things worse: my “personal spare time” became very limited since November, I have a new job that for most needs my attention, I need to pass my exams in order to keep the job, and well… a job pays the bills..

So, a lot of circumstances caused the delay, and no, I’m not “hiding”  I do apologize as by far it has taken too long simple as that.

So, where do we go from here ?

At this moment I’m in the middle of arranging a new team to help make the Island Festival 2017 a success. It has my focus, and we will…why ? cause its fun…cause its part of our 11 meter !

The 2017 Island festival will take place like always on the first full weekend of June.

The 2017 Island festival will have results 2 months after it is finished.

I would like to thank those who have done a lot of hard voluntary work, in order to keep the Island Festival going and hope they can contribute again in better times.

Secondly, i’m honoured to help the IF and expect to contribute on a new impulse for the coming years.

If anyone has ideas or is willing to help please do contact me in private so we can serve the community with this great event.

Thanks to all activators and hunters….!!!!!!
That’s the update so far…from now I (we) are working on it….

Kind regards,

Henry 19DX348